Permanent Recruitment Solutions

Permanent Hire

Hiring permanent employees can be time consuming and even costly without the right processes and correct understanding of the job dynamics. We support companies across all stages of the hiring life cycle, from executive search, opportunity documentation, skill matching, interview co-ordination, selection and induction.

Building the Human Infrastructure

Forde understands today’s dynamic business world and its global relevance. We are agile manpower consultants and serve our customers better than our larger counterparts who are stuck with inflexible processes and complacent systems. Our nimble strategy, wide spread operations and global partnerships enable us to process your skill requirements faster and with better precision.

Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are a branding opportunity for companies. Not only that, skill documentation is the foundation of attracting the right candidates. Job descriptions are generally don’t reflect the true spirit of the company and are written in a hurry due to time constraints.

We help companies document their skill descriptions and job documentation needs. We bring out the true branding of the company as it is critical to attract the right candidates.

HR Analytics

Our automated approach in coordinating with candidates and companies saves time and enables efficiency in closing the job positions. Using analytics tools, we can chaff through large databanks and shortlist the right dataset for our customers. Our team brings adequate experience in understanding the socio-psychological aspirations of the candidates and matches with the job requirements ad opportunities of the best businesses and ideal companies.

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