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Managed Data Services (E-Governance Projects)

Karvy Forde manages large volumes, whether it is of candidates, skills, requirements, industries, locations etc. We use systematic methods to preserve, update and deliver data as productivity. We have a deep understanding of various industries and functions that help us to manage data related activity better and deliver data transformation services efficiently for our principal clients.

Data Management Systems

We work with large banking, telecom and government organizations that need systematic data management services. Sophisticated data management activities need technical competence as well as domain experience. We offer both skills and competencies to companies.

Banking companies deal with large amounts of dynamic data that is difficult and costly to manage in-house. Our principal partners leverage our financial management background to undertake and manage data entry outsourcing. Telecom companies outsource their data transformation activities so as to save internal resources to focus on their core business. Government frequently needs to chaff huge data bases to manage and deliver their services to citizens.

All the above requirements need systems expertise and domain knowledge. Karvy Forde specializes in systems, software and processes to successfully deliver data projects on time and with accuracy.

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